Special Projects

While not directly sponsored research or course development, I’ve done a number of special projects in connection with curriculum development, consulting, research, or for my own enjoyment

  • Custom PC boards for high power and model rocketry
    • Analog Inertial Measurement Units, IMU2, 3, & 4
    • PC board with breadboard layout and data logger socket for quick rugged prototyping of flight-ready sensor packages
    • Signal conditioning board for Dytran triple-axis accelerometers.
  • Launch controllers and stands for high power and model rocketry
  • Video production (scripting, filming, scoring, editing, and post-production)
    • I co-wrote, directed, videoed, edited, wrote and recorded the scores for the following videos:
  • Audio production and podcasting (songwriting and composing, recording, editing, and post-production)
    • I did the recording, engineering, editing, and wrote most of the commercials for the Adolph in Space podcasts. They are available on iTunes (search for PAFLY) or here. The first three were done back in the old analog days. Episodes 4-9 were done with modern DAW tools.
    • I’ve written, recorded and produced two different full-length albums.
      • East High Anthology. Lyrics and Notes The songs were about the trauma and joy of my high-school days at East High in Salt Lake. Yes, it was where HSM 1, 2, & 3 were filmed. In fact we performed A Man of Few Words on the same stage where Troy and Gabriella performed Breaking Free.
      • Here’s Mudd in Yer I. Who Wants an “A” and the four E59 pieces were all commissioned as incidental music for the E59 class. The others were written for various other projects at Harvey Mudd
  • Digital audio algorithms, coding, and processing
  • Development of digital filters for CSound